Saturday, July 23, 2011

Picture Story by R (age 5)

Rs story
"There's the water and there's the trees and up there are the ducks.  And that's the grass" 
(Big Sister Miss Seven helped with the bit in the middle).

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Loving... WotWots

J loves the WotWots.

What's a WotWot I hear you ask?

J is right in the middle of the target age group for these characters.

Since before Easter we'd been looking for a special cuddly toy, that we thought would be helpful in coping with aftershocks.  There had been a small plush DottyWot toy at a friends house, and J had spent the entire visit clutching this toy. We decided a similar SpottyWot would be perfect.  None of the toy stockists we looked in had anything.  A staff member at one store told me they were pretty much last year's fad, and no, they weren't planning to get any more in.

We did manage to find the last WotWots DVD in stock at our local bookstore.  J picked it out from the shelf, clutched it to his chest, ran up to the counter and handed it over to the clerk.  What choice did we have?  It remains his favourite DVD.

We looked for second hand WotWots on Trade Me without finding anything we liked.

After 13 June we started looking even harder. The DVD's were available to buy on the WotWot's website, but there was no link to buy the toys. I asked them where I could find a toy in Christchurch.  They referred us to a couple of stores, so we went back out shopping again, but without success.  So I asked if I could buy one online.

In the meantime...
Rebuild Christchurch announced:

There is a facebook page, a twitter hastag, and lots of media coverage.
And in our mailbox, directly from Pukeko Pictures, was this parcel.

It certainly brightened J's day - as well as ours!  I was blown away by the generosity of Pukeko Pictures.

And if anyone else wants a WotWot toy, they can be found here.  (Please support these wonderful people).

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